Anna Vissi 

Anna Vissi


Anna Vissi began her career at the early age of 6. Anna was born in 20 December 1957 in the island of Cyprus. She attended the Cyprus Conservatory, and won the first prize at a singing contest, "Best Voice", when she was 12.

That's when Anna's mother saw the potential in her daughter's career and relocated the Vissi family to Greece which offered more opportunities than her native Cyprus.

Once in Greece, she signed a contract with the Greek discography company Minos and started working with some of the most famous Greek composers and singers such as Charis Alexiou, George Dalaras and later with Nicos Karvelas who is now her ex-husband (from which she had a daughter, Sofia).

Anna participated twice in the Eurovision Song Contest and won the 5th place for Cyprus with a song of her composition. In 1977 Anna won the first prize at the Music Festival in Thessaloniki. Since 1983, she started working with the famous producers Nicos Karvelas.

Karvelas wrote the majority of Anna's songs, most notably a rock opera entitled "Demons", the first ever of its kind in Greece. 3 years later, Anna starred in Stavros Sideras' opera, "Ode to the Gods" in 1996. She also released her album Klima Tropiko (Tropical Climate) in '96, and became a sensation in Greece.

Her album went platinum, and to show her appreciation to her Greek fans, she toured Greece and put on a 3-hour show at a club in Greece built specifically for her. After consecutive nights of selling out, it was clear Anna was the hottest act that side of the Mediterranean.

In 1997, Anna won the Greek Music Awards for Best Female Singer, Best Interpretation and Biggest Airplay Song. The album, which spawned the hit "Forgive Me This" (produced by Celine Dion producer Ric Wake), went gold within 12 days, and went on to achieve triple-platinum status.
In 1998, she was awarded with a plaque for the success of her album Travma, on behalf on Sony Music Europe. The same year, Anna experienced won/ nominated at the Pop Corn Music Awards, for Best Female Singer, Best Interpretation, Best Album, Best Album Cover, Best Song, Most Played Song on the Radio ("Travma"), Best Live Appearance, and longtime collaborator Nicos Karvelas took home the award for Best Composition for Anna's "Mavra Yalia".

By the end of the '90s, Anna was set to tour Europe (not to mention the fact that she performed at sold-out shows at the Palladium Theatre and the Forum Music Theater in London), as well as select cities in the United States such as Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

Anna Vissi is Greece's major singing sensation. She is considered the Greek version of Madonna. She is adored in Greece, and had set her sights on international acclaim with her single "Everything I Am", a catchy dance tune suited for the discotheques of London and Ibiza.

All her records have become best sellers, turning gold or platinum. She was continuously changing her look, and every song she performed, was a new proposition towards Greek music.

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