Alexandros Myrat


Alexandros Myrat


Alexandros Myrat was born in Volos, Greece. As a young man he lived in Paris, where he studied conducting under Igor Markevich, Nadia Boulanger and Max Deutsch. In his twenties he started his career, mainly in Europe (France, Belgium, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy).

In 1976 he won an award at the 'Gino Marinoucci' competition and the same year conducted the premiere of Darius Milhaud's 'Oresteia' for Radio France. In 1977 he became a French citizen.

He has conducted the best French orchestras and appeared regularly with French Radio orchestras. He has recorded with Radio Monte Carlo for EMI and for Auvidis with Piccardie Orchestra. Three of his recordings have won Academy of Records awards.

Following the establishment of the Picardie Orchestra in 1984, where he was artistic director until 1989, he became known for his interpretation of the works of Mozart. At the same time he worked with orchestras such as Belgium's National Orchestra, the Liege Symphony Orchestra, the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, the London Mozart Players, the Moscow Virtuosi and the Trondheim and Aalborg Symphony Orchestras.
He recorded with the Ulster Philharmonic and the Bournemouth Symphony and Sinfonietta Orchestras for the BBC, among others. He conducted the Edinburgh Youth Orchestra for three consecutive years and in 1994 won the best orchestra and best recording awards at the international Vienna competition.

He recently recorded five CDs for Agora at the Athens Concert Hall with the Camerata, the Friends of Music Orchestra, where he has been artistic director and principal conductor since the orchestra was founded in 1991. In 1999 he began recording a series of CDs of the works of Mozart with the Pfozheim Chamber Orchestra, again for Agora. For EMI he has recorded two CDs of Thanos Mikroutsikos' work.

His repertory includes international, French or Greek premieres of works by the composers Wychnegradsky, Obouhov, Gaussin, Bainbridge, Westbrook, Mikroutsikos, Koumendakis, Koukos, Travlos, and John Tavener's 'Agrafon', especially written for the Camerata.

Since 1999 he has regularly participated in opera productions at the Athens Concert Hall, such as Mozart's Le Noce de Figaro, Clemenza di Tito, Balta's Momo (premiere), Menotti's Amahl and Mikroutsikos' 'The return of Eleni', also performed in 1999 at the Montpellier Opera and the Maggio Fiorentino festival.

He has also conducted at the Ravenna, Wallonie, Edinburg, Athens and Patras festivals (where he was artistic director in 1999).

The season 2000/2001 he conducted orchestras in Germany (Reutlingen-Gottingen), Mexico, Canada, Israel, France (Montpellier, Toulouse, Mulhouse), and Italy, where he performed and recorded with the Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano.


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