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Antonis Remos


Pop idol Antonis Remos was born in Duesseldorf Germany in 1970. He relocated to Greece 10 years later residing in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki. Antonis took up many odd jobs among them was amateur singing in various clubs.

Over the years the music scene mesmerized the brown-eyed artist, who decided to give it his all. In 1995, after several years of singing experience, Antonis decided tried his luck in Athens where he appeared next to Dimitris Mitropanos, Stefanos Korkolis and Mario Tokas. This appearance of his led to a contract with Sony Music that very same year. It was very peculiar however; that even before he started recording his first album a lot of hype was created around his name and his talent.

In 1996, his self-titled album was released. In a few months the album went gold and in less than a year it was certified double platinum status. The charming singer stole the hearts of many, building a name for himself with just his first release; an achievement many desire.

His popularity rose dramatically due to his finesse and wit on stage, which had every music hall he appeared at packed every single night. This remarkable acceptance by the people turned his second album release "Keros Na Pame Parakato" (It/s Time To Move On) gold and almost double platinum status.

In December 1999, many preeminent and established songwriters such as Christos Nikolopoulos, Yiannis Parios, Stamatis Spanoudakis and Antonis Andrikakis penned for Antonis' third platinum release titled "Pali Ap'tin Arhi" (From The Beginning Again); A project that embodies a range of repertoire and musical styles. Christos Nikolopoulos, one of the most eminent composers of Greek popular music, has carved his own history in Greek music and this time he composes two songs for Antonis.

Yiannis Parios, a great and unique singer, chose Antonis as an excellent representative of the new generation and penned the lyrics to one track. In addition, the eminent composer Stamatis Spanoudakis, who has written some of the greatest Greek contemporary songs, wrote lyrics and music for two songs especially for Antonis' voice, one of which gave its title to the album. Finally, another special participation on Antonis Remos' album is by Antonis Andrikakis, who is a very successful songwriter and participated with 3 songs.

On this album we find the best of many songwriters, such as, Natalia Germanou, Evi Droutsa, Eleni Giannatsoulia, Nikos Papadopoulos, Kiriakos Papadopoulos, Panos Falaras, Konstandinos Pantzis, Akis Diximos, Dimitris Brouhos, Zoi Gripari, and Dimitris Papadopoulos. They all have offered Antonis Remos their inspiration and their love for the creation of this album.
May 2000: The soundtrack to the film "I Agapi Ine Elefandas" (Love Is An Elephant) with music by Minos Matsas is released. Antonis Remos sings the self-titled track along with exotic label mate Tania Nassibian.

June 2000: His new single was released which was certified gold. Antonis Remos' huge hit "Meine" (Stay) remixed…. like no other track before. It adopted a new title "Fly with me" from Remee Guitar's rap vocals (responsible for the hits of Sound of Seduction and Soap). The single also includes 2 remixes of the track "Mi zitas signomi" (Don't say I/m sorry), which have been done by Frank' o Moiraghi.

The breathtaking night that everyone experienced live at the "Apollon" in April 2001 was dedicated to Antonis Remos. The cause for this starlit night was the live recording of Antonis' new double album. Everyone who attended the event, whether they were friends, celebrities or just dedicated fans, they all joined him in singing all his biggest hits along with a selection of older songs and a special dedication to the legendary composer and bouzouki player Giorgos Zambetas.

The 20 member orchestra made new arrangements to all the tracks, which was under the direction of Giorgos Zahariou. Antonis Remos' producer Stavros Arapidis coordinated the entire production.

It was a very emotional night for Antonis as he watched and felt his audience glorify him. Among the 36 songs that make up the double platinum album, 3 new tracks were included.

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