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Haris & Panos Katsimihas


Haris & Panos are twin brothers and were born in Athens. They both attended the University of Athens in 1974 but towardsthe end of 1975 they left for West Berlin. They lived there for approximately 7 years (until 1982) and played Greek music in various pubs and venues.

Upon their return to Athens, Haris began to work as a book translator. However, they had already had begun writing songs since 1975.

In 1982 they took part in a Greek song contest which took place at the island of Corfu and was organized by internationally acclaimed composer and Academy Award Winner Manos Hadjidakis. The song with which they entered the contest was called "Mia Vradia Sto Louki" (One Night In Distress) and received an award.

In 1983 they published a children´s book called "Oi Kalikantzaroi Kai I Agelasti Politeia" (The Porcupines And The State That Does Not Laugh) which was also released as an album with music they composed especially for it, 12 years later 1995) as a complete recording project.

In 1985 they released the album "Zesta Pota" (Hot Drinks). It was an album that was favorably accepted by the audience.

In 1986 they collaborated with Yiorgos Dalaras performing in concerts all over Greece and abroad.

During the summer of 1987 their tour within Greece enjoyed great success. Meanwhile, they release their 2nd personal album titled "Otan Sou Leo Portokali Na Vgaineis" (When I Say "Orange", Come Out!).

1989: they released "Aprili Psefti" (April Liar).

1992: "Monaksia Tou Skoinovati" (The Loneliness Of The Rope Walker) was released. It was a very mature album, which was a confirmation of their talent and success as artists and songwriters.

1994: in December, the Katsimihas brothers released one more album, titled "Tis Agapis Maheria" (Love´s Stabbing).

1995: they released the children´s story "Oi Kalikantzaroi Kai I Agelasti Politeia" which they had written in 1993, as a recording project. It was a musical tale, loved by young and old.

1997: they released a double album, which included all of the audience favorite songs and all songs they had on other recording artists albums as artistic collaborations. The album achieved double platinum status.

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