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Katy Garbi


Katy Garbi needs no introductions. For all those who know her she is "Ketoula". Her sweetness and tender character have made her the most beloved female pop artist in the Greek music industry. She is a radiant person that shows her sensitivities but in the mean time struts her sexy qualifications. Katy is what she appears to be: a beautiful person inside and out.

Athenian born Katy, began her singing career with her sister Liana as the "Garbi sisters" when Katy was just 15 and Liana 13. Due to their tender ages their father was always there as a "guardian angel" to protect them. Katy learned from a very young age how to work and earn her way. The blue eyed beauty stayed close to her parents, who she adores deeply, until she got married in 1997 with pop idol Dionisis Schinas.

In 1987, Katy took part in a compilation singing a cover version of the famous song "Saint Trope". This song became a great success locally and helped her release her first album titled "Prova" (Trial) in 1989. At this point the two sisters separated their professional paths in quest for solo careers . "Prova" became a great success and in a short time Katy Garbi became a popular figure. The Greek audience adored her back then and has remained loyal to her ever since.

In 1990 and in 1991 she released "Gyalia Karfia" (Glass and nails) and "Endalma Silipseos" (Warrant) respectively . Both albums had great acceptance and allowed her to penetrate into the Greek local music scene.

On her fourth album "Tou Fegariou Anapnoes" (The Moon/s Breathes) Katy decided to sing more pop/popular tunes than just clean pop. As a result, this twist in her musical style awarded her with a gold album rising her to a new artistic level.

1993: "Ketoula" accepts the offer to participate in the 38th Eurovision Song Contest. This event shined a new light to her career and was what carved the path to her gold and platinum albums "Os Ton Paradiso" (Until Paradise) and "Atofio Chrisafi" (Pure Gold).

After her platinum album "Arhizo Polemo" (I/m Starting War) was released in 1996, she doubled her success with "Evesthisies" (Sensitivities), which reaching double platinum status.

Coming Christmas of 1998, Katy, who cherishes the holidays, created a very special album full of well known Christmas songs adapted to Greek lyrics by Eleni Giannatsoulia. This project was a long wished one by the popular artist. Also featured on this album titled "Hristougena Me Tin Keti" (Christmas With Katy) is the internationally known tenor K. Paliatsaras and the children/s choir of St. Labros.

1999: As Katy releases her gold certified album "Doro Theou" (God/s Gift) in June she is also given a gift from God: a little baby boy.

2000: Revived and exuberating with energy she releases her project "To Kati" (That Something), a double CD with songs written by Fivos. Fivos, the songwriter of the hottest hits within the last 5 years, and the extraordinary super star Katy Garbi meet up once more. The result of their collaboration is 7 new songs, which are combined with the best tracks Katy and Fivos have created together in the past, and make a total of 31 super hits. In addition, label mate Natassa Theodoridou joins Katy on the hit "Epitelous" (At last). "To Kati" was certified 4x Platinum and sky-rocketed the sexy artist to new heights.

The release of her platinum cd single "Ti theloune ta matia sou" (What your eyes want) followed.

December 2001: This holiday season Katy Garbi , along with her producer Yannis Doulamis, presents her newest project titled "APLA TA PRAGMATA" (Things are simple) a double cd with 31 tracks for her fans. The first cd includes tracks composed by Nikos Terzis (who had also given Katy her first big hit "Pesto m'ena fili" (Say it with a kiss), with lyrics penned by Antonis Pappas, Natalia Germanou and Tasos Vogiatsis. A special track on this project is Katy's duet with the promising young duo "Antique" titled "Einai adiko kai krima" (It is unfair and a pity). Credits also belong to Solonas Apostolakis and Tasos Vogiatsis, who have written the self titled track "Apla ta pragmata".

The second cd includes tunes by songwriter Kostas Tournas, who had composed Katy's super hit "Mi me sigrineis" (Don't compare me).

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