Lisa Xanthopoulou


Lisa Xanthopoulou


Born in 1968 in Thessalonica, Greece

From 1974 until 1993 Studied at the National Conservatory and at the Music College of Thessalonica (piano, music theory, choral conducting)

1986 - 1992 Studied musicology at the Aristotelian University of Thessalonica

1993 - 1998 Studied orchestral conducting at the Universität der Küste (University of Fine Arts), Berlin with Hans Martin Rabenstein, Hans-Dieter Baum, Isaiah Jackson, and Mathias Hussman

September 1997 Second prize at the Fifth "Antonio Pedrotti" International Orchestral Conducting Competition in Trent, Italy

March 1998 Conducted a gala concert with the Prussian Chamber Orchestra, Prenzlau (Greek symphonic music) in the Konzerthaus, Berlin

July 1998 Five concerts in Italy with the Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana

October 1998 Radio recordings with the ERT Athens, Symphony Orchestra of the Greek National Television Corporation

January 1999 Concert with the Symphony Orchestra for Modern Music of the Greek National Television Corporation

From Oct. 1999 From October Concerts with the National Symphony Orchestras of Thessalonica 1999 and Athens

April 2000 Post of assistant with the National Federal Youth Orchestra, under Mario Venzago

May 2000 Sponsorship concert (Ravel, Debussy) with the State Orchestra Frankfurt (Oder)

July 2000 Finalist in the Fifth Cadaqués International Conducting Competition (Spain): adjudicators did not award a prize.

Jan. 2001 Concert with the Landeskapelle Eisenach

March 2001 "Marler Debut" with the Philharmonia Hungarica (concert with "Jugend musizert" (Youth and Music) national federal award winners)

May 2001 Concerts with the Saarland Youth Symphony Orchestra

1997 - 2001 Sponsorship programme of the Deutscher Musikrat (German Music Council)
Courses with Siegfried Köhler (Munich Symphony Orchestra). Nicolás Pasquet (Neubrandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra), Kurt Sanderling (Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra), Lothar Seyfarth (Vogtland Philharmonic Orchestra, Greiz/Reichenbach), Marc Soustrot (Orchestra of the Beethovenhalle, Bonn), Kurt Masur (Rias Youth Orchestra), Claus Peter Flor (Halle State Philharmonic Orchestra), Peter Gülke (Rhenish Philharmonic State Orchestra, Koblenz), Christian Simonis (Göttingen Symphony Orchestra), Bernhard Kontarsky (Philharmonic Orchestra of the Mainz State Theatre), Dmitriy Kitayenko (Berlin Sinfonie-Orchester), and Johannes Kalitzke (ensemble recherche)

May 1999 Enrolment in the second sponsorship grade
Enrolment in the "MAESTROS VON MORGEN" (Maestri of Tomorrow) artists' list of the Dirigentenforum (Conductors' Forum)

May 2001 Concert with the Cottbus Philharmonic Orchestra (Mendelssohn, Stravinsky)

Feb .2002 2 Concerts with the Neubrandenburger Philhamonie

May 2002 Conducted "Carmen" in Mainfranken Theater Würzburg

June 2002 Concert with the Women´s Chamber Orchestra of Austria

June 2002 Bad Homburger Dirigentenpreis 2002, sponsored by BHF-BANK-Foundation.Four concerts with the Sinfonietta Köln.

Aug. 2002 Concert with the Nürnberger Symphoniker

Sept. 2002 Assistance of Nikos Athinaios for an Operaproduction "Rigoletto" in the Concert Hall in Thessalonica

Nov. 2002 Concert with the Baden-Badener Philharmoniker

Jan. 2003 New year concert with the philharmonic orchestra of the Plauen-Zwickau theater.

May 2003 Concert with the State Symphony Orchestra of Thessalonica

Okt. 2003 Concert with the Symphony Orchestra of Thessaloniki´s Municipality, "Dimitria" Festival

Nov. 2003 Concert with the Württemberg Chamber Orchestra of Heilbronn in Bad Homburg

Jan. 2004 Concerts with the Folkwang Chamber Orchestra in Essen

March 2004 Four performances of "La vie Parisenne" of J.Offenbach in Opera Theatre in Athens

March - April 2004 15 Concerts for Kids, Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen, Tilo Medek "The drunken sun"

May 2004 Conducted "Tosca" in Theater Osnabrück

September 2004 Concert with the State Symphony Orchestra of Athens, Music Festival in island of Patmos, Greece

Jan., March, April 2005 Concerts for Kids with the Nordwestdeutschen Philharmonie Herford

Feb. 2005 Concert with the State Symphony Orchestra of Thessaloniki

April 2005 Premiere and 8 performances of "Die Fledermaus" of J. Strauss in Opera Theatre in Athens

April 2005 Conducted Richard Strauss "Arabella" in State Opera Saarland in Saarbrücken

May 2005 Concerts with the State Symphony Orchestra Rheinische Philharmonie of Koblenz in Bad Homburg and Andernach

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