Omega Vibes


Omega Vibes

The sound of Omega Vibes conquered immediately Greece by storm, from their first single, "The Heart And The Soul", at 1995.

The release of their cd album "Renaissance", the following year, established Omega Vibes in Greece and at 14 other territories across Europe and Asia. This first album combined dance elements and ethinc nuances. The acceptance and establishment of Omega Vibes led to their commercial success with more sales than 30.000 copies.

Their next release, "Diaspora" (1999), had been sited as "boundless music". Progressive, ambient, drum n bass and ethnic elements are making so obvious their presence, while their melodies are staying true to the roots of Greek and Balcanic tradition.

Both cds have been released at 17 territories of Europe and Asia, with sales more than 60.000 copies.

Omega Vibes have played live at Lycabbetus Hill, with Bjork and in a big concert with David Bowie and Lou Reed.

They have also played in numerous festivals across Europe and in two concerts with French Ethnic artist Wes.

In Greece they have completed a series of concerts in clubs and musical stages with enormous success, while the best is yet to come...

Omega Vibes are Dimitris Panopoulos and Eva Tselidou.

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