Sakis Rouvas


Sakis Rouvas


Sakis Rouvas was born in the island of Corfu, Greece. Very soon, music and singing became a part of his life.
Gymnastics was also his other passion where he achieved distinctive national awards.

He also excelled in pole vaulting and, as en exceptional talent that he was, he became a member of the Hellenic National team.

Sakis made his first professional appearance in Athens, in 1991. It was there where Polygram "discovered" him, offering him the first recording contract. Only a few months later he made an outstanding "debut" by performing at the "Thessaloniki Song Festival".

The song titled "Par' ta" won the first award for music and Sakis got his first experience of the enthusiastic fans who immediately sensed that a new star was to rise.

Ever since then things unfold rapidly for the young performer. For four years in row he monopolises the Hellenic Music Awards as he receives the best New Singer, the Best Song, the Best Stage Performance as well as many other awards.

On May 19th 1997 Sakis makes a step towards peace and reconciliation by appearing together with the Turkish pop star Burat Kud in a bicommunal concert organized, in the controlled by the United Nations, territories of the island of Cyprus. The concert becomes a news headline worldwide thus causing a political impact. For the said concert Sakis was awarded with the international "Ipeksi prize" for the understanding and the cooperation.

Nine years after his first performance he still is one of the most, if not the only one most loved and sought after artists in Greece and we assure you... "You haven't seen anything yet".

So stay tuned 'cause the best is yet to come.

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