Stamatis Spanoudakis


Stamatis Spanoudakis


Stamatis Spanoudakis was born in Athens Greece. Very early on he began to occupy himself with music. He first studied Classical music (guitar and theory).

He later played guitar and keyboards in a number of bands., in the sixties and the seventies, in Athens, Paris and London where he lived and recorded his first albums. He was later attracted again to Classical music and returned to his studies of composition, first in Konstantinos Kydoniatis.

He was then attracted to his third love - Byzantine music, which led him to Greek songwriting and instrumental music. Since then he is consciously trying to reconcle his three musical influences (Rock, classical and Byzantine), in his music.

He wrote numerous hit songs (words and music) for most major Greek singers. He also wrote the music for many succesfull films in Greece, Germany and Italy, for the theater and television and has recorded so far more than fifty albums. Since 1994, he concentrates on instrumental music, on Greek historical or religious themes, a music that has an unprecedent appeal, with all his records turning gold and platinum, with minimum effort and very rare appearances in public.

Stamatis lives in a quiet suburb with his wife Dori and their four dogs.He has his own studio where he records his music, being the composer, arranger, producer, performer and engineer of his work.

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