Victoria Chalkiti


Victoria Chalkiti


Victoria was born in Sweden on Juny 21,(this is the biggest day of the year!) of 1973. That means she is Gemini.

Her father is a great greek musician,Harris Chalkitis.Her mother who comes from Sweden gives Victoria many of her characteristics.She has got a brother called Chris(Christoforos in greek).He is older than her and he lives and works in Sweden.

In 1983,Victoria and her parents move to Greece.After this matter a new period starts in her life.Firstly things seem to be difficult for little Victoria who doesn't know to speak greek,but she attained to be familiar with her new life quickly.

From her early years,she was interesting in music.While she is a student she takes part in all performances of her school.At the age of 16,she releases in France a maxi single with english lyrics.It is a chance for her to move to France and begin a new career.She doesn't follow this thought although,because she doesn't feel ready to make another change in her life.

At the age of 17,she starts to work as a singer profesionally .In 1991 she makes her first appearance in a big greek Music Hall called "Athinea"(now it called "Gefira") beside Constantina,a famous singer in Greece,and many news artists in that period(like Antzi Samiou,Stella Georgiadou,Christos Aggelopoulos e.t.c.)

The next years she works beside well-known greek singers.She also makes vocals in discs of artists like Thanos Kalliris,Mando,Paschalis,Dakis,Giannis Savvidakis etc.Her cooperation with Costas Bigalis,who is a very famous greek singer and composer,is very important in this period.She cooperates with him in his discs,in Eurovision Song Contest and of course in their famous duet "Glikia mania".

Her first album,entitled "Erotas Ine",was released in September of 1994.The song "Erotas Ine" reaches No1 on greek radio charts and becomes an hymn for people who are in love!!.Music of this album composed by Harris Chalkitis,Costas Bigalis and Thanos Kalliris.Lyrics was written by Natalia Germanou and Vangelis Petrakis.

During 1995,she is the most promising new artist (percentage 53.1%) in a referendum of greek magazine,"Katerina" as soon as she is a candidate in Greek Music Awards Pop Korn'95 in categories "Best New Artist" and "Best Stage Presence".

The second L.P.,entitled "II",was released in July of 1996.Music composed by Harris Chalkitis and Thanos Kalliris.Lyrics was written by George Lekakis and many others(V.Petrakis, G.Zaroliagis, N.Pantelidou, C.Lagga, V.Reese).

The third CD,entitled "Ine Fores" is released in May 1998.Music composed by Harris Chalkitis,Petros Imvrios,Dionysis Schinas,Victoria Chalkiti.Lyrics was written by Antonis Papas,Natalia Germanou,Dionysis Schinas,Victoria Chalkiti,Yiorgos Florakis,Alicia Chalmers.

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