Christos Dantis


Christos Dantis


Christos Dantis’ career in music started when he was 16 years old.

His first (platinum) album ‘Fingerprints’ was released in 1990 (with music and lyrics by Yiannis Karalis).

In 1991 his album ‘Aman’ was released in Greece. It went gold in his home country but was also a huge hit in the rest of Europe, with the video being featured on MTV and MCM.

One of his most successful albums, ‘My Old Coat’, was released in 1999 – the same year that Christos arranged a version of ‘24,000 Baci’ by Adriano Celentano for the movie ‘Safe Sex’.

In 2004, his success story continued with the album ‘Maya-Maya’ which went gold.

Although Christos is mainly a rock composer, he has written music in other genres, too.

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