Dimitra Galani

Dimitra Galani


Á trick of intentions
As the famous British author John Ronald Tolkien once put it, the world was made of music. Whether this is true or not, remains to be seen. However, one thing is proper; certain people were made for music and Dimitra Galani is one of them. She actually belongs to both a world and a family of music (her grandfather was a cantor from Epirus and her father studied art and song) and she was certainly destined to create a world of her own, for as the Creator of our world, has blessed her with a voice, deep as a double bass and sweet as a flute.

Dimitra Galani was born in Athens. Her career began as early as adolesence. In 1968, she contributed to the album of D. Moutsis -Í. Gkatsos, "Ena chamogelo" (= a smile), with two songs; that contribution turned out to be the beginning of a long career in the history of music of both her era and Greece. She became a great performer gifted with a beautiful voice and a strong personality that has always prompted her to look into the reasons behind everything.

She has sung the songs of almost every Greek composer (Chatzidakis, Theodorakis, Tsitsanis, Moutsis, Xarchakos, Spanos, Loizos, , Mikroutsikos, Vagelis Papathanasiou,, Savvopoulos, Chatzinasios, Chalaris, Kraounakis and others) and has confirmed the words of some of the most important lyric-writers and poets ( Papadopoulos, Tripolitis, Nikolakopoulou, or Gatsos, Palamas, Elytis, Kavafis, Kavadias ).

Her career currently includes well over 80 albums, and varies from pure Greek folk music to Byzantine hymns and easy listening performances. Her music touch has always been tender, profound in other occasions, but always precise and balanced where feelings are involved. Throughout the years, her performance has grown to be the third certifying signature on songs, alongside those of the composer and lyric-writer .

The generation
She belongs to a "generation of leaders", who for almost three decades have underlined and supported -each in his or her own way -quality Greek songs contributing at the same time to a colorful rainbow of great voices. As a matter of fact, she chose to start her career by staying close to songwriters, letting initially time and later tendencies in the music industry guide her.

As from 1981, her choices in terms of the fields of music, have been very prudent, being "Harama" by Tsitsanis in Kaisariani, the very peak moment in her career. That production was more of a new way of entertainment along with Lina Nikolakopoulou, the lyric-writer, that actually changed the entire course of music history over last past three years.
After a 30 year-long career in music, it was not at all surprising that she entered the world of music-writers. She writes music for television or film productions, she promotes young and talented performers or simply writes music for herself.

In conclusion...
At times, a gentle breeze ïn a spring night or a storm ïn the vast ocean,
At times, a work of nature or an oracle,
sometimes as sweet as wine or as precious as venom with her voice,
Dimitra Galani keeps on giving the gift of life and Longevity to whatever she sings and succeeds ßn retaining an unbreakable magical bond with her vast audience.
As important as a milestone.
Á Classic throughout.


1. Participation at the Avingon Festival in France with a project based on Byzantine hymns by Christodoulos Halaris
2. "Seirios" (= Sirius) with Manos Chatzidakis ßç 1988.
3. Án almost historic Concert with the participation of Flery Ntantonaki held ßç the Ancient Roman Market as part of the events for the promotion of Athens as the European Cultural Capital at the beginning of the 80's.
4. Mallorca's Mediterranean music Festival - representing Greece
5. Participation at the International Festival of Patras; A concert at the ancient Conservatoire of Patras, in 1989,
Recorded live for the album "3+1 Mythoi tis Evropis" (= 3+1 myths of Europe) songs by Kurt Weil, Nino Rota, Beatles and Manos Hadzidakis ).
6. Á concert with the broad title " Piano kai Foni" (= for a piano and voice) with Thanos Mikroutsikos (Culture minister of Greece) in Brussels, at the Nouveau Theatre de Belgique, ïç 15/02/89. Recorded live for the album "Piano & voice"
7. World concerts with Manos Hadzidakis - Palais des Arts (Brussels), Finland, etc
8. World concerts with Mikis Theodorakis - Folkbune (East Berlin), Stockholm, etc
9. September 1993, a concert to inaugurate the capital's municipal cultural district of "Gazi" with the participation of ORIZONTES quartet, Thanos Mikroutsikos, D. Typaldos children's choir. Installation by the artist Marios Spiliopoulos
10. Concerts to protest against the Turkish occupation of N. Cyprus at PALAIS DES CONGRES in Paris and LONDON'S WEMBLEY ARENA
11. She is an active member of Amnesty International. Her song "Oses foties" (=) has been written especially for the causes of Amnesty International.
12. Concerts ßç the "MEGARON" Athens Concert Hall, ïn February 1993, inaugurating the appearance of Greek performers.
13. Participation ßn a concert for the return of the marbles of Parthenon in September 1994 -ßn memory of Melina Mercouri and the restoration of the Acropolis Museum. The concert that attracted more that 80.000 people, featured Greek and world personalities such as Jacques Lang, Julles Dassin, George Moustaki, Nana Mouscouri, Charis Alexiou, Giorgos Ntalaras, Stavros Xarchakos and Lakis Lazopoulos.
14. Opening of the "MEGARON" Thessaloniki Concert Hall January 2000
15. Concerts at the ancient theater of Epidavros with the project 3+1 Myths of Europe
16. Participation at the Athens Festival. Concerts at the Herodes Atticus Theater and in PNYKA, opposite the Temple of Parthenon, performing Manos Chatzidakis's "Megalos Eroticos" with the "Manos Chatzidakis orquestra" conducted by Lucas Karitinos.
17. She has performed live appearances all over the world tributing two of Greece's most important music figures: MANOS CHATZIDAKIS and VASSILIS TSITSANIS, with whom she has spent great deal of time as an "apprentice". She has preformed either with her own music group conducted by Giorgos Bousounis, or along with the countrie's most important Orquestras such as The State Orquestra of Greek music, the "Manos Chatzikaki's music group", conducted also by prominent maestros such as Lucas Karitinos and Alexander Myrat.

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