Dino Mastroyiannis


Dino Mastroyiannis


Dino Mastroyiannis is a famous pianist from Volos, who possesses a very special position among to the Greek pianists in the latest years.

He took his first lessons in music in Volos, as a pupil of Eli Adam. Afterwards, he continued his studies on a scholarship in the Conservatory of Athens in Alice Vatikioti's class (student of Friedrich Wuehrer), where he graduated with a Soloist Diploma with the highest mark «Excellent unanimously and the First Prize». He is a graduated of upper theoretical studies in music of the Conservatory of Piraeus, and also a graduated of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki in the Music Department.

He has supervised numerous master-classes in Austria (International Summer Academy of the "Mozarteum" University, Salzburg) Germany (Hannover Music Academy), Switzerland (Sion Music Academy) and Greece with the famous Bulgarian couple Konstantin & Julia Ganevi and also with Vassily Lobanov (students of Heinrich Neuhaus), and especially with one of the greatest pianists of our century, the Brazilian Roberto Szidon.

Dino Mastroyiannis has given recitals and chamber-music recitals in various towns of Greece and abroad. He has cooperated as a soloist with many orchestras, such as the Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra Kosice (Slovak Republic), the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra (Republic of Macedonia), the State Philharmonic Orchestra "Oltenia" (Romania), the Plovdiv Philharmonic and the Vratca Philharmonic Orchestra (Bulgaria), the Thessaloniki State Orchestra (Greece), the Volos Symphony Orchestra (Greece) etc., always extracted flattering reviews from the press and also from famous pianists and musicologists of international reputation, such as Paul Badura-Skoda, Roberto Szidon, Konstantin Ganev, George Hadjinikos etc. He has recorded many times for the Greek Broadcasting (ERA) and performed for the Greek Television (ET3).

Among his best collaborations are counting two great concerts as a soloist with the Skopje Philharmonic Orchestra, after which he came to terms with the most flattering criticisms from the critics and the audience. The orchestra was conducted by Angel Shurev (Director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Yugoslav F.R.) and by Vladimir Altschuler (Conductor of the St.-Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Russia).

He has performed in many festivals, such as the International Music Festival "Skopje Summer" (Macedonia), International Festival "Thracia Summer" (Bulgaria), International Festival "Craiova Musicala" (Romania) and at the Kezõmarok Spring Chamber-Music Festival (Slovakia), .

Recently he has performed a triumphant solo recital at the famous building Ateneul Roman in Bucharest, where almost all the greatest artists of the 20th century appeared. The «George Enescu» Philharmonic Orchestra Bucharest organized this recital.

He is invited to collaborate as a soloist with the Chamber Orchestra «Tempi Concertatti» in Sofia. He will also perform as a soloist with the famous "Moyzes Quartet" in a chamber-music concert in Bratislava (Slovakia). He will perform in USA as soloist with the Knox-Galesburg Symphony, where he will also perfrom a solo recital and give a master-class. He is also invited to perform at the International Festival "Kiev Summer Evenings" in Kiev (Ukraine).

"Dino Mastroyiannis belongs to the group of eminent young Greek pianists... he delivered breathtaking performances of works by Liszt, Rachmaninoff and Khachaturian."
Roberto Szidon (25/10/92)

"I had the opportunity today to listen and find out through your nice recording, that your technical and musical abilities are absolutely up to an international level."
Paul Badura-Skoda (14/8/91)

"Dino Mastroyiannis is a first-class European soloist."
Angel Shurev (Director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Yugoslav F.R., 14/11/96)

"..he played this Concerto with great precision and technique, proving a precocious professional vocation, with large expectations on the Piano area."
Boris Chelaru (newspaper "Gazeta de Sud", Craiova, Romania, 19/11/96)

"The Concerto, which was of an extremely difficulty, was performed by a first-class pianist. The perfect quality of the interpretation really touched me. D. M. managed to pass into the concert hall his deep artistic sensation..."
Theodore Costin (Conductor, former Artistic Director of the Craiova Philharmonic Orchestra "Oltenia", Romania; extract of a press-conference for the Macedonian television, 11/96)

"...he is a real musician, very intelligent, and the most important is, that he accepts all our suggestions immediately in a very artistic way..."
Konstantin Ganev (15/3/92)

"Exceptional success remarked the presentation of the virtuoso soloist from Volos, D. M., who precisely amazed with his interpretative ability the public, and for one more time he showed the excellent qualifications he disposes. His theoretic constitution and his persistence to the interpretation of piano works with great difficulties, are components that classifying him nowadays among to the best Greek soloists."
Yiannis Mougoyiannis (newspaper "Thessalia", 5/93)

"Dino Mastroyiannis is an extremely talented pianist"
Galina Pisarenko (world famous Russian soprano, 8/92)

"...really let the audience fascinated...D. M. shined with his "warm" playing, ...he managed to elect his great talent."
(Newspaper "Takhydromos", 13/3/96)

"Dino Mastroyiannis is an amazing pianist with a great technique and great expectations..."
Modest Tschikirdan (former Artistic Director and Conductor of the State Philharmonic Orchestra "Oltenia" of Craiova / extract of an interview at the Romanian media)

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