Eleftheria Arvanitaki


Eleftheria Arvanitaki


Eleftheria is a star in Greece, and her concerts are very successful and turn always into a true explosion of enthusiasm.
She started her career in the Opisthodromiki Company at the beginning of the 80´s . She is the most known voice of all Rebetic music done in Greece, She can be considered the promoter of this kind of music unknown and not very spread until she arrived. Rebetic music, together with the smyrneika, contains songs that go back to the folklore of Asian refugees .
After leaving the group, Eleftheria starts a career on her own, she is soon considered the most promising female voice of her country. The political and social events of her nation give her voice the leading role in the expression of new feelings and ideals.
Her personality, warm but strong, her voice, her ambition to create a bridge between Greek and new urban music, from the best composers, make her work to be considered a classic in Greek music.

Eleftheria Arvanitaki's new album, “Everything is brought to light”, that will be published here in Autumn, is full of beautiful and strong rythms and sounds. It has an immaculate production, up-to-date arrangements and various musical styles that make it really interesting. And in life performances, Eleftheria is simply overwhelming: she is successful wherever she goes.


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