Gerasimos Miliaresis


Gerasimos Miliaresis


Gerasimos Miliaresis was born in Vraila Romania in 1918. His parents were both from Kefalonia. He graduated from the Greek high school of Galatsi. He moved to Athens in 1938. There he studied guitar as well as Harmony of music at the "Greek Conservatory" where he graduated with honors and money award.

In 1950, with the help of á scholarship granted By the Italian government -lasted four consecutive years 1950-1953- he went to Sienna Italy to Study perfection courses at the MUSICAL ACADEMY OF SIENNA, taught by the famous Guitarist ANDRES SEGOVIA.

In 1960-1961, with á personal invitation from Andrés Segovia and a scholarship granted by the government of Spain, he was invited to attend the Academic class of Segovia at the "MUSICA ÅÍ COMPOSTELA " in Santiago Spain. This made Miliaresis the first professional Greek guitarist to have studied the Segovias' guitar method and established it in Greece. In other words he was the founder of the real classical guitar school in Greece, which was based upon professional Technique. He inaugurated Greek music literature of guitar.

From 1944-1981 he performed as soloist in a series of recitals in Greece and other European countries. In 1960 he played in the concert of Ì. Castelnuovo Tedesco for guitar and orchestra as soloist with the Symphonic orchestra of the National Radio Foundation, conducted by Viron Kolasis. He reperformed it in 1963 at the central theatre with the “little Athens Orchestra” conducted by Stelios Kafandaris.

He participated to each of the first “contemporary music weeks” and in many first performances of chamber music based upon the works of Greek composers. He was professor at: the Public Conservatory of Larisa from 1947-1950. The Greek Conservatory of Athens from 1950 -1978. The Orfio Conservatory and the Private school of his own from 1977-1991. He has also been director of the classic guitar department of the American college of Athens, from 1970 -1978. He collaborated with the Royal theatre and many troupes of the Independent Theatre for many years, in playing as soloist the music accompaniment which was personally took care of.

In 1962 he collaborated with the National theatre of Northern Greece, during the Filippon and Thasou festival. He performed the music accompaniment of an ancient tragedy as soloist, played on a guitar which was based upon the ancient Greek style. He has also scored and played as soloist in many Greek motion pictures, as well as composed music for movie pictures. He arranged works of other Greek and International composers for guitar. He has also elaborated and arranged folk music Greek and foreign. He composed music for guitar as well. He wrote educational books which were published in Greece.

He gave speeches on guitar and music, which were published in many magazines later on. He recorded albums with classical and Greek music, as well as compositions of his own. His arrangements and compositions were published in Greece and other European countries. They had also been played in recitals and albums from younger guitarists.

He was appointed president of the Greek National Council of UNESCO from 1991-1998 when he resigned. Under this attribute in 1992, he modified the article Íï 5 of the “National Council of Music” constitution, as concerned the members. Thus he dilated its formation with new members (Legal Persons of Private and Public Justice.), and not only physical persons as happened until then. All of the biggest and the most historical music councils, associations and foundations all over the country, were corresponded to the National's Music Council call.

They so demonstrated the Greek musicians' wish of gathering close together. This was the ideological contents of the N.C. of Music dilatation, which Ger. Miliaresis was dreamed of and realized as well. He had also -under the same attribute- put down oral propositions to all the members of the International Council of Music, during its general meetings in Âïnn in 1991 and in Alicante in 1993. They were fully accepted and approved by all the members of the I.C. of Music.

In 1998, being á member of the examining guitar commission, during á competition held by the Ministry of education, he gave speech in front of the new guitarists, on the character and the origin of the guitar. And about the Greek music sound as well. This speech was published twice by the ministry of Education, during these competitions.

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