Harris Chalkitis


Harris Chalkitis


Harris Chalkitis was born in Cairo, Egypt. He is a Composer, orchestrator, and singer. He also plays the piano, saxophone and the drums.

In 1961 he moved to Greece and joined the group "The Playboys", whose members includes Dakis and Filippos Nikolaou. In the Mid 1960's he moved to Sweden.

In 1969 he worked with Aphrodites Child whose members included Demis Roussos, Vangelis Papathanasiou and Loukas Sideras. The same year, he joined The group, replacing Vangelis on Keyboards. Additionally, he worked with the group on their album "666".

In 1976 he wins an award at the French Festival Rose D'Or and wrote songs for Fillipos Nikolaou.

In 1983 he returnes to Greece with his wife, his son Chris and daughter Victoria For the next few years, he collaborates with many Greek artists such as Stamatis Craounakis on his album "Birimpa".

In 1989, he wrote 8 songs for Dakis' album "Pehnidi me ti fotia" of Dakis. The song "Alaloum" reaches number one on the Greek charts.

In 1990, he composes and orchestrates the latin style album "Ela Tora" Zanet Kapougia (a singer from South America who lives in Greece). The songs "Ela tora","Mi m eknevrizis","Ke me pas opou thelis" become very popular.

In 1991 he releases his personal L.P. "Kaftes Vradies".The same named song,a duet with Constantina gains popularity. She also gives songs to Polina for his album "Stin polithrona tin bamboo".

In 1992 he collaborates with Dakis again on his album "Tsai me lemoni" and he gives his song "Chronia mas polla" in gold album "Esthisis" of the well-known greek singer Mando. He also wrote songs for the L.P.s "Sismos erotikos" and "Olo ke pio poli" with Efi Sarri.

In 1993 he composed music for Athina Mavromati's first album, entitled "Zali". Lyrics by Panos Falaras.

In 1994 he released his personal L.P. "Mazi arga i grigora tha ginoume ano kato". The lyrics was written by Antony Papas. The ballad "Pare me psila" becomes a very popular song.

That year he also he composed the music for her daughter's first album "Erotas Ine" Her first album, entitled "Erotas Ine", was released in September of 1994. The song "Erotas Ine" reached No1 on Greek radio charts. Music of this album was also composed by Costas Bigalis and Thanos Kalliris. Lyrics was written by Natalia Germanou and Vangelis Petrakis. He also wrote songs for many Greek singers, including Evridiki, Keti Garbi,Thanos Kalliris,Mando,Paschalis,Sakis Rouvas.

In 1996 worked with his daughter Victoria on her second album (entitled "II") and he also the albums "Krifa Taxidia" (for Constantina's brother Antros Konstantinou) and "I proti mou fora" for Amanta.

In 1998 he composed music for his daughter's third album "Ine Fores" which was released in May, 1998.

In 2002 he wrote the lyrics on Yiorgos Katsinis' album.

Currently his is also composing jingles for radio and television.



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