Panos Kiamos


Panos Kiamos


Panos Kiamos was born and raised in Athens. From his first years he was surrounded by music. Thus, in 1994, immediately after the lyceum and while already having passed in medical school, he decided to pursue his big love, the song.

His good course in the Greek song is not only due to his good voice and his astonishing interpretations, but also to his knowledge of music, since he has studied the guitar and music theory. His musical course began in 1998 with his first CD entitled "A Love Adoration and Need". From this CD the songs "Everyone Talks About You" and "Insane for You" stood out. In 1999 came his second work, entitled "You are not alone", with the title song standing out, while in the end of the year 2000 the Panos Kamos sings "The Love of Moons".

Even though he is still young, Panos Kiamos has collaborated with leading names of Greek music, such as the Tolis Voskopoulos, Makis Hristodoulopoulos, Angela Dimitriou, Themis Adamandidis, Stamatis Gonidis, but also with their Takis Zaharats, Giorgos Alkaios, Valantis, Kokota etc.

In May 2002, Panos Kiamos records his new work titled "The Night Dream", with songs of known composers and sonwriters.

June 2003 finds Panos with his new cd entitled "Your Laughter Cries", in verses of Spyros Giatra' and music of Alekos Hrisovergi.

After his very successful appearances in nightclubs in Thessalonica, Panos finds himself recording live in March 2004, and circulates another cd, this time live from the FIX including all the winter season.

This Live cd knows the success deserving of a recording very good choices, and in a very short time becomes gold.

In May 2005 he releases his new cd entitled "You are everywhere", in music of Evrou Panagidi, Argyri Nastopoulo (former member of ONE), Takis Damaschi (C-REAL), Steliou Bikaki and others. At the same time the Panos enjiys great success atAsteria Glyfadas.

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