Stefanos Korkolis


Stefanos Korkolis


Stefanos Korkolis was born in Athens, Greece, in 12th September. He first began toimprove on the piano at the age of 4. One year later, he made his first appearance in front of audience. He studied at the conservatory of Athens and during his studies he won the 1st Award in the National Piano Competition of Kate Papaioannou.

He continued his education in Paris at the ?cole Normale after winning a French State Scholarship. He attended courses in orchestration, conducting, composition and cinema music. During his studies in France he won the 1st Composing Award in the International Modern Dance Festival of Val de Marne.

In the early 90's he started interpreting his own songs with a great success. However, he never stopped working on classical and instrumental music. In 1998, he abandoned his career as a pop singer.

The last few years, Stefanos Korkolis, has appeared in many European countries with famous conductors and orchestras such as the Symphonic Orchestras of Prague and Sofia, Amadeus, Dresde's, Pederetski and much more.

Since 1999, he has participated in the biggest festivals of the world. The mayor of them was Jose Carreras' Gala at Christmas 2000.

He has been married twice. The first time, he was very young and got a divorce a few months later. Secondly, he got married on June 2002 with Victoria Kaimatzoglou, a 24-year-old model.