Vassilios Kokkas


Vassilios Kokkas


Greek-German composer, born in Athens, 1965. General and musical education (composition, piano, harmony, counterpoint, orchestration and fuge) in Athens, musical composition studies at the Berlin University for the Arts with Walter Zimmermann (diploma of composition 1996, "navigable music"), and electroacoustic music at the studio for electroacoustic music of the Technical University Berlin.

His works include pieces for various mixed ensembles, symphonic orchestra, choir, electroacoustic music, film music, sound installations, and mixed media pieces and have been performed and broadcasted (tv and radio) in Germany, Greece and Swizerland. Films with his music have been screened and awarded at various art film festivals internationally.

From 1997 to 1999 he was director of the ensemble Mosaik for contemporary music in Berlin, 1998-2000 co-founder and lecturer at the Seminar for Music and Architecture of the Berlin University of the Arts. His topographic piece "Agapi ston kremno - townmaps of Thessaloniki" was performed among the activities of European Cultural Capital Thessaloniki 1997.

He received stipend awards by the Studio for Electroacustic Music of the Berlin Academy for the Arts in 1998, and has been invited by the German KulturFonds to work as a Composer-in-Residence in Ahrenshoop in 2000. In Greece his work has been supported by the Greek Society for Aesthetics and the Michelis Foundation.

Composer's portraits with his works have been presented by IEMA, Athens (1998) and the Moments Musicaux festival for Soundart - Performance - Experimental Music in Aarau, Switzerland (2000).

His works have been performed, among others, by the Ensemble Modern Frankfurt, the Ensemble Mosaik (Berlin), the bass-clarinetist Jürg Frey, the Arte Saxophone Quartet Basel and others known internationally for qualitative work in the field of contemporary music. Occasionally he takes part in his performances as a pianist, conductor or electric sound performer.

Having been studying and working as an independent artist in Berlin since 1990 he is now setting up an experimental music project in Athens, involving media artists of various disciplines and current aesthetic languages.

His sound installation 'Blackbox of Communication' was exhibited last winter inside the engine compartmets of the historic battleship "Averoff" docked by the seaside of Phaleron, Athens, within the framework of the exhibition "The Crew of Another Time".